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TapOut  Academy Fitness & Conditioning

At TapOut MMA Academy, we believe that fitness and conditioning are the cornerstones of any form of martial art.  Having technique and skill without being fit is a futile endeavour.

For this reason, fitness and conditioning exercises form a part of every class that we teach at TapOut.  Whether you are already fit enough to run the Comrades and strong enough to benchpress your girlfriend (or boyfriend!); or whether the thought of doing one push up makes you break out in a cold sweat, consitent training at TapOut will make you fitter and stronger than you ever thought possible.

If you are already participating in other sporting activities and only want to improve your fitness and conditioning, TapOut also offers classes and private sessions purely focused on this element of your physical wellness.

Class Information:

Your first lesson is FREE.
Classes are open to men and women across all age groups and fitness levels, from ‘couch potatoes’ to hardened athletes.

Fitness and Conditioning classes at TapOut MMA Academy take place every weekday morning from 05.00 to 07.00.

Class fees are R 700.00 per month and Private Sessions with Coach G range from R 150 – R 200 per 1 hour session depending on how many sessions are booked monthly. Fees are payable in advance for the month.

To book your place in the class, or if you prefer one-on-one sessions, contact us HERE

What to wear & bring:

Wear any comfortable gym gear.  Shoes are optional.
Bring a bottle of water (although you can also buy at our coffee shop), as well as a towel.
If you would like to shower after your session, bring whatever you will need for this too!

Looking forward to seeing you soon at TapOut MMA Academy!  It will change your life!

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