Ladies Boxing & Self Defense

The Ladies Boxing and Self Defense class at WSG Academy is taught by Monique Swart, a 20 year Boxing/MMA Striking and Self Defense veteran.

Monique is passionate about reminding ladies how strong and tough they are – both physically and mentally.  Classes are a lot of fun, with many laughs, but we take our coaching seriously.

Ladies will get fit and strong learning to deliver and defend a range of strikes using boxing as the ‘delivery mechanism’ for self defense. They will also learn when to attack and defend, and when to play it safe.

These classes will prepare you to defend yourself in a variety of situations.  One thing to note though – this is NOT a ‘Self Defense Course’.  True self defense is learned over months and sometimes years of practice, so that in the heat of the moment, you can react from muscle memory without having to ‘think’. Make it a fun, exciting and empowering part of your life!

Class Information:

Your first lesson is FREE.
Classes are open to ladies from the ages of 12 and up at any skill level.  The majority of students in our ladies classes are between 18 and 45, with a few even younger and older!

These classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings from 08.00 – 09.00. Ladies unable to make this time slot are welcome to train in the evening MMA Striking class also on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.00 – 19.00. This is not a ladies only class though.

To book your place in the class, or if you prefer one-on-one sessions, contact us HERE.

Class fees are R 50.00 per session our R350.00 per month.

What to wear & bring:

Wear any comfortable gym gear.  We train barefoot.  For getting you started, we have all the other equipment you need but you are also welcome to purchase your own gloves etc from us at a later stage.
Bring a bottle of water as well as a towel.
If you would like to shower after your session, bring whatever you will need for this too!

Looking forward to seeing you soon at WSG Academy!  It will change your life!

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